Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, Vandy sucks

I hadn't seen their schedule until this morning. I heard that they hadn't played anyone, but I didn't realize how bad their wins were. They have literally beaten no one that's good, at all. Their conference wins are over USC and LSU, who are currently 10th and 12th in the SEC. I wasn't the only one who thought they were good, as they were in the top 20 in both polls. They will drop out now, after getting plowed by Ole Miss. Hopefully, this will make UK's road to being a two-seed in the SEC tourney a little easier, as we only have Florida and UT to worry about. Assuming, of course, we don't lose games that we should win. Of course, we've yet to win away from Rupp, so that needs to change.

In our case, we really need UT to run away with the East, beating UF twice. I don't think we can catch UT; but UF is more vulnerable. So, we have to root for Sweat Pearl for the rest of the season. That sucks; just block that out and pretend you're just cheering for Lofton.

Apparently, we are set to get like 5000 inches of snow and 10 trillion inches of ice up here, at least according to the librarian, who is shouting into the phone. "Keep it down! I'm blogging!"

That's it...Bass update every Friday (that's tomorrow!)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 sucks

I don't have much to talk about, so I thought I'd go to to get some fodder. Still, though, nothing. Instead, I got John Anderson's voice blaring throughout the library, as I forgot my sound was on, and that video just starts! I hate that damn video, not only because of the noise, but because it causes the page start-up time to be like fifty seconds. I need to know what Junior Seau said at the press conference now!!! Also, the quotes from fan nation, or whatever, are always absolutely asinine. This morning it was, "As a Maverick's fan, I posted this score as my wallpaper. Priceless." Wow, thanks Rangerfan04! The articles, however, are generally good. The sidebar, also, is very helpful when looking for the top stories. It doesn't matter, though. The damn page takes too long to load.

It appears, at least to me, that Rich Rodriguez is paying WVU to keep their collective mouth shut. Just throw many at it, Rich. Worked with all you're recruits. Zing!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Lord, what a shithead

If you didn't hate Jerramy Stevens for a) the way he spells his name, b) punching someone in the balls during a game, or c) his attitude towards the world, then you should read this article from the Seattle-Times linked at The Big Lead. He is the most worthless person ever. The article is very, very good.

As much as I love sports, the preferential treatment given to athletes is truly sickening...

The refs...again

I've been around UL fans for all of my life, and I have to say, with no convictions, that they bitch about officiating more than anyone...anywhere. I don't really have concrete evidence of this knowledge, but I plan to outline it in my book, I'm not Saying We Would've Won, but..., to be released next month. Even after the loss to UConn, after jacking 33 3's, they refs were to blame. Again, I realize that a few loyalists to this site are UL fans, and I promise these allegations are not towards the people that I know personally; I'm doing a big picture thing here. I realize UK fans bitch as well, but I don't think it is as consistent. Perhaps I'm drinking the blue kool-aid...which I would...if you put the right amount of sugar in it and stirred it enough.

Another thing I noticed, reading the boards and C-J and ITV, is that these fans will turn on Pitino and the players very quickly, and there are no limits to the amount of flip-flops. When you're winning, it's all about how great Pitino is and how Sosa is "coming along." When you lose, Pitino is a spinster asshole and Sosa "doesn't get it." I think the truth lies somewhere in-between, nearer to the latter.

All this said, why the hell is everyone jumping off a bridge here? You lost by two at UConn, with a chance to win. UL made so many bad decisions, yet they still almost won. I can see being frustrated, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Do you want some suggestions? OK, Terrence can only shoot two threes a game, and if he makes them both he gets a bonus hoist; Padgett must touch the ball every possession IN THE POST; Earl Clark is never allowed to shoot, unless he's off-balance and within fifteen feet of the basket; Will Scott doesn't fact, Will Scott has been kicked off the team; start Preston Knowles; Give Sosa downers before each game; McGee has to do something about his body shape...who can take him seriously? He looks like a pear. That's it.

The live blog would've been much better last night without the ten minute maintenance that lasted 31 minutes, but what can you do?

Monday, January 28, 2008

UL-UConn 1/28/08

Apparently there is a scheduled outage, whatever that means, at 7PM sharp. So, we'll see how it goes. See you at the under sixteen. Hope we get a bunch of T-Will dunks! UL wins, 78-66.

Oh, by the way, the Super Bowl is on Sunday. You know, I wish ESPN would really drive this point home--I can never remember when it is..

10-4, UL
Blogger is fucking lame. This outage has lasted way more than ten minutes and deleted my last two posts. I made fun of T-Will and Rafterty. It was fun. Blame blogger.

10-10, the Bears
So far, T-Will has jacked and missed two threes, thrown an 80 mile an hour pass to Will Scott in transition, walked, and carried the ball. Wait, McDonough just said Sosa was from NY. I hadn't heard that...oh wait, yes I did. Gus Johnson had an anuerism (wow...I just found time to look that "aneurysm") proclaiming last year during the tourney. Really wish this outage would end... What in the hell is Rafterty talking about?!?! Still no blogger at the 12 minute mark. Don't they know people have live blogs?!?!

14-13, Ca-yards...I mean UConn
I will refrain from all jokes about the leader of the Huskie hardcores. You guys are assholes. T-Will is the kiss of death; if he passes you the ball, you will be embarassingly rejected...ask E5 and Juan P. I have sat for about three game minutes...nothing is happening. Every shot UConn has made thus far are all similar to shots that I hit to beat the Sigs. Seriously, these guys look shitty, but their shots keep falling. It's been 31 minutes, still no blogger... OK, we're back.

27-25, UL
Don't have much to say here. UConn is making this game about is ugly as possible. It's working, for now. Actaully, UConn is looking a little bit better this stretch. They may not be so awful after all. McDonough just said, "the U of L."

30-30, Half
Looks like the Cards will be in a fight in this one. I think they'll still win, though. Probably going away.

43-40, Huskie hardcores
A gentle reader makes a good point about UL lacking a knock-down three shooter. I think Jerry Smith can be that guy, but UL knows they're supposed to shoot over the zone, they just have trouble taking the right shot. They rarely make the extra pass, but when they do, they hit. Bilas has talked about it a lot; they hoist...especially Terrence. It is starting to be more obvious why UConn has beaten good teams. They have amuch better flow this half. Plus, they are playing some pretty solid D. Wow, UConn employed the most pathetic press break I have ever seen, and they were forced into calling a timeout. Juan P. is just chucking threes, and Bilas is growing restless.

57-48, UConn
UL should be glad that Bilas isn't their coach; they would all get beaten after the game. That press break ending in an and one worked a little better than the other one I spoke of. I don't know why UL fans defend Terrence. He makes awful decisions...I had already typed that before his lazy defense and foul down low...

59-55, UConn
Blue and white man is a tool.

63-61, UConn
If UL, would settle down a little bit and try to go down low to Padgett and Caracter, they should be able to come back. By the way, Preston Knowles is UL's version of Ravi Moss...maybe. Of course Terrence buries the tying three.

67-63, UConn, 1 minute left
This Price guy is hitting everything; he's a pretty good player. Just as I type that, he turns the ball over. Sosa continues to miss free throws at the end of games. Just so you know, Terrence is 2-8 from three tonight.

67-65, UConn, final
Yeah, they should make sure Padgett touches the ball on each possession. Jerry Smith is keeping the Cards in it! UConn does not look comfortable breaking this press. That was a pretty strange ending. Good D on the last possession by UConn...and Jerry Smith didn't get fouled.


Someone by the name of "Charles" posted a message during the live blog about the free throw disparity. His message, which accused me of making no mention of said disparity, leads me to believe that "Charles" did not read the live blog, as I made two mentions of the foul disparity. However, what I did not say, nor had I been planning to say, was that we have shot over 100 less free throws than the opposition this year. Sure we've been down late a lot and had to put teams on the line, but some games there was a noticeable difference. On Saturday, though, I didn't think we were going to the line because the refs were giving us calls. We were much stronger and bigger than them down low, and they had to foul several times to prevent easy baskets. On their end, they shot a lot of threes and rarely went inside, basically because they were over matched. The disparity in this game, which for once favored UK, was a non-issue just as the opposite had been non-issues when UK lost to UNC, IU, etc. (we have lots of losses). So yes, "Charles," I will mention it, just for you.

I'm more pleased with the win Saturday now that I remember that Crawford wasn't playing. I forgot all about that; at first, I was a little upset that we only beat them by 8. I feel a little better now. Yay.

We don't play until Saturday which is lame, but that means we get a full week of Tom Brady coverage. He hurt his ankle. For a picture of him in a boot, go to any website in the universe.

I think that's all for now. I have to get my schoolin' in. I'll do the live blog tonight for the UL game, which I think they may win. UConn may let down a bit after their win in Bloomington (that's where I am!). Apparently, according to the IU student newspaper, the students loudly chanted "Fuck you, refs" at the end of the game. Ew.

I don't know your feelings on the live blog, but I like doing it. It allows me to keep a stream-of-consciousness diary of the game. In the future, I'll try to make it more readable/sensible. It's like I have a diary, and you guys found the key!

Until tonight, losers.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

UK-USC 1/26/07

OK, let's see how this goes. I realize many of you aren't going to read this during the game, but hopefully reading it a day later will be just as interesting. It will be interesting to see how P-Steve does for an encore, hopefully not 5 turnovers at the top of the zone, but who knows? Another weapon down low is needed big time, and Coury doesn't fit the bill. Game time in like ten minutes, I guess the first update will come at the under 16 timeout. I'm so excited!!

10-7, UK
Bradley is shooting the ball well early, which could be a blessing or a curse. I have no clue why Coury continues to start; he really does nothing well. He is too short, three steps slow, and he looks like a Tank McNamara character. I'm glad we presented Dave Odom a chair, but I have no clue what he's going to do with it. We got our best lineup in now, so as long as Bradley plays some lock-down D on Downey, which is apparently his thing now. Hmm...apparently Crawford is out. That's concerning, yet not surprising.

15-14, UK
How could that botched layup from Downey be off us??? According to Larry Conley, Jasper is only 60%; that's absurd. That's one top of the key turnover, Perry. Pretend to be strong with the ball! Patterson looked a little rough at the line. I stand corrected: Coury is awesome at being in everyone's way and deflecting the ball out of bounds. Apparently a cheerleader just vomited in her pom-poms, at least that's what it looked like. Coury is really pissing me off; he's just not good. Will USC ever have a year without an awesome guard? Where do these guys come from? Patterson is quite a beast; he should have a lot of points today. Also, Bradley is working on a triple-double...

26-22, UK
For about a one minute stretch, both teams entered a world of chaos. On our end, we were falling and slipping all over the place; for them, Downey walked in the open court, it was uncalled, and he susequently airballed a 5-footer. Baker, you fucking jinx! ("Bradley's hit 25 in a row...") Meeks hit a big three after they made a little run (after the Jasper dunk -tip...for them). Well, this Downey character is going to keep them close. He's tough. Let's just wear-down the rest of these scrubs, and we should be fine.

31-28, UK
P-Steve got called for the most ridiculous 3 seconds ever...Odom was even visibly upset. If Bradley shoots like this all day, he might get thirty. Lord knows he'll try. I like how aggressive we are being on offense, but they keep knocking down threes to keep it close. Hopefully we can find a way to combat that. Their white dude is fugly, though. Let's hope we can put together a little run before the half. We need to slow Downey...down.

39-34, UK. Halftime.
What?!?! Greenwood High great Damien Fishback is an SEC color man now?!?! That's pretty weird. I really like the decisions Jasper makes. As I was typing that, he made a dumb foul. Still, he's good with the ball. Is anyone else detecting a major suck-fest each time USC scores? Is 3 seconds a point of emphasis this game or something? Bradley is playing out of his mind, and just made some little dumpy fella's day. That was heart-warming. Jeez, Downey got swatted by our entire team on a drive late in the half. Man, I hated that garbage basket they got after a rushed three. Too bad for Conley, he couldn't splooge all over himself and watch Downey go coast-to-coast to end the half. Would've liked a better possession at the end there, but what can you do? We're winning, that's a positive.

46-39, USC
Wow, the first half stats were very wrong. OK, Stevenson, when teams dare you to shoot, don't. We got the first two, a-hole; Baker is just making shit up. Wow, they are unconscious. Hopefully this will be our "scared and confused" portion of the game. We need to start scoring, but if they keep hitting, there isn't much we can do. OK, we didn't score at all there.

53-51, USC
Let's get the ball to him (Patterson) more often. Oh, Banulius (or whatever) is a tool. Meeks is injured, yet no one is coming in for some reason. That Bradley and one was like a fast break drill! That next break, was not. Well, we are fighting our way back into this one. Bradley is hitting some big shots, but we need to limit their easy baskets. They are beginning to indicate that they will settle for bad threes.

58-57, USC
Patterson's dunk-tip was ridiculous. Holy balls. God, we still have 13 turnovers. We cannot get the damn lead!! Seriously, is there a lid on the basket? We are missing dunks, lay-ups...hopefully not free throws. No free throws for them...hmm. They do take a lot of threes...and they keep falling. They are getting some pretty cheap foul calls. But hey, we got like ten 3 second calls on us.

68-67, UK
I take back the cheap foul call thing--Bradley didn't touch that guy. Yeah, we just beat them, camera-douche. Does Dave Baker say "three-throw?" What an idiot. The free-throw disparity is embarassing--Hansbrough-like. Jasper is swishing threes this year! What's that about? The two fouls on Bradley against Downey have been very questionable. From now on, I suggest, each time the opponent misses a shot, the loudspeaker should blare "SAME TEAM!!!" We are winning; I'm not sure how...

72-66, UK...under a minute
Whoops. Got the score wrong. Deal with it. Hey, sir-jinx-a-lot, shut up! Good block out, Jasper. Again, he is one of our headiest players. He or Bradley...that's a joke. Keep rebounding and we should be fine...we really need to get out on their shooters. Hopefully they will rush shots. By the way, that guy we fouled in the lane walked first. That Bradley shot was pretty awesome; he knew he hit it, too.

Final, 78-70, UK
Let's hit our free throws and get out of here. Nice runout...should do it. Holy cow, IU is losing at home to UConn...w/o Dyson and someone else. Wow. Side note, those guys have to have murdered someone to get suspended by Calhoun. OK, back to action. Good God, blow the whistle! This Downey fella is good. Stop calling timeouts, Mr. Peanut. Sweet! Bonus Neltner scream shot on the Vandy promo!

This was encouraging. Even though USC isn't that good, they were hitting a bunch of shots, and we looked a little rattled out of the locker room. Bradley played big, as did Patterson, but I love the way Jasper rebounds and defends. OK, I'm not doing the UL game; LJ needs a damn walk!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sorry about yesterday...

I was writing my post yesterday from the library, and my computer started to die. Unfortunately, the plug that was near me didn't work. I was going to move to another plug, but I would've had to sit on the floor. People would've thought, 'wow, he must be doing something really important.' Then they would walk past and see me blogging and think, 'oh, what an asshole.' So I just left--in tears. I don't really remember what I was writing about, but I'm sure it was both hilarious and super informative. Probably some sort of knee-slapping escape plan for the Iraq War, or a hum-dinger of a way to boost the economy. Whatever it was, I'm sure it left you feeling cheated and empty, like a WNBA season ticket holder. Anyway, I won't let it happen again; well, then again, I probably will.

Paulus and some scary VT player got into it yesterday, and then the VT guy decided to go apeshit and try to hurt all the Dukies. I'm all for hating and hurting Duke, but good Lord, be discreet! You can't be tripping and pushing people all over the court--and then try to flop and get a charge. Probably not the best route to getting calls to go your way.

Well, Jim Brown's pissed again. This time, at Tiger. Apparently, Jim Brown was offended, when Tiger wasn't that offended, by the kind of offensive remarks made by that one lady (ewww, I know she has a name...oh man, I bet SHE'S offended!). I understand Jim Brown is an "activist," but what is he trying to do here? I think if Tiger truly thought that the comments were harmful or malicious, he would've said so. It's not for you to decide what is a damaging word or comment. Coming out and saying that Tiger didn't handle this properly only makes the situation worse. She apologized, Tiger accepted, end of story. Let her serve her suspension and live out the rest of her life being secretly referred to as "that racist lady."

Attacking anyone, in my opinion, would be really stupid in this situation. Attacking Tiger, of all professional athletes, is absolutely ridiculous. Saying that he has a civic responsibility to uphold is laughable. Granted, athletes to have a responsibility to uphold to the community; however, suggesting that Tiger doesn't go above and beyond the threshold of being a charitable athlete, now that's just absurd. Calling more attention to it, as Brown is doing, impedes societies ability to move past this situation. It was racist, she apologized, OVER.

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing something that will solidify my spot as a total loser blogger. During big games (UK games, most UL games, some Duke, whatever I choose, really), I am going to do some live blogging, as the kids call it. I will post at each TV timeout, and you, the reader, can view, in real time, my roller coaster of emotions during UK games. I guarantee that I will both praise and censure Ramel Bradley, as well as P-Steve. Anyway, should be a blast! I'm doing this for myself more than anything else, but you a-holes can benefit as well. I want to see my mood rise and plummet with the play of the Cay-uts. I'll try to get to both games tomorrow, but the UL game may be a tough sell to my gf, who'll probably want to watch "What Not to Wear" or some bullcrap. Perhaps I'll live blog that..."I swear, black pants, brown belt! Un-be-lieve-able!!" Anyway, stay tuned, check the blog tomorrow, at your convenience. There will finally be weekend updates!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogging on message board topics....

I'm not sure where this ranks on the importance depth chart, but, if I had to guess, I'd say just below the articles they have on CatsPause. Anyway, I read those boards pathetically often, and I am always struck by the utter stupidity and self-righteousness of the posters, most of whom are from Stinkyballs, KY. Besides, the UL game was boring, with the exception of the fact that it appears that T-Will has realized that his shooting is a detriment. This is a cycle I've grown accustomed to; he says in the offseason he's improved his shooting, then he fires up millions of threes and UL loses. Then, realizing this, he settles down for a few games and UL is successful. But, unfortunately, he regains his confidence and starts hoisting again. Repeat. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't even realize he shoots the ball--it seriously looks like a spasm.

Hmm. Good lead...way to stay on topic. Well, one of the ridiculous topics on the message boards concern UF freshman Nick Calathes. Apparently, according to some of these dildos, he has a low basketball IQ. So much so that I saw him referred to as Nick "low basketball IQ" Calathes. Pretty clever, these folks. Anyway, if a freshman basketball player were to have a low basketball IQ, he probably wouldn't be leading the SEC in assists. Furthermore, he appears to have a propensity to drain clutch threes. Hate him all you want, he's pretty good.

My other point was in regards to a post about our team not being on the floor during the Nat'l anthem, and some dude was offended. It was stupid. I can't get into it much because my battery is dying. And it was asinine.

OK, gotta go. Read The Bass.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coaching Lessons, with Bruce Pearl

First, before I berate Bruce Pearl, I would like to call to attention the glaring and awful mistake I made in my MLK post. In it, I referred to UF's Walter Hodge as Julius, ex-NC State guard. Whoops. Anyway, some reader posting in anonymity had a pretty witty way of calling it to my attention. Check out the comments section of the post in question. Surprisingly, that's the first mistake I've ever made on this blog! I've been sensational until now; it smells bad down here with all you mortals.

OK, on to Pearl.

Lesson #1: Half-court offense
What? Oh, we don't do that. In the event that a half-court offense is absolutely necessary, force threes and take contested shots. It's really the only way to "zone bust," or whatever coaches call it. If you have a, say, Chris Lofton, just run him off screens until he can hoist a fade-away three.

Lesson #2: Press!
You really need to press teams nonstop, even if they consistently break it. The key here is, after they break it, make sure that they score so that the shift to a transition offense will be smooth. Also, if they can score inside it's a bonus! That means they have to run farther back down the floor. Giving up dunks is ideal.

Lesson #3: Transition Defense
Leave shooters, allow cutters to run unscathed to the basket, don't stop the ball; basically, do whatever is necessary to force a quick, uncontested shot. More possessions for us, more points!

Lesson #4: Foul Shooting
Hmm. We don't really work on this much in practice, we're usually too busy having three-point contests and and wagering how long it will take until Wayne Chism's headband pops off. We teach a philosophy where we hope our players don't get fouled, yet we like to bitch constantly about the lack of calls that go our way.

Lesson #5: Sideline Demeanor/Wardrobe
I like to dress as abrasively as possible, so that the refs can always find me. Oh, and sweat. I like to look like I just hiked through a giant microwave. Also, be sure to throw up some goofy smiles while verbally assaulting officials. This tactic, with the flaming orange blazer, will arouse descriptions of you being a "great personality," not a "total asshole."

Lesson #6: Poise
Totally fucking freak out when the game gets close in the second half.

Really, could that team have played with less poise? I would say act like you've been there, but that would be tough. You're a johnny-come-lately program with a johnny-come-lately coach. It wasn't that tough to expose your gimmicky bullshit. My bet is that every team that plays UT for the remainder of the season will employ the same game plan as UK, and the opposition will experience much more success than they have previously (I'm looking at you, Vandy...don't get in a track meet next're welcome). I don't think teams will have the same success UK did, but I think last night showed that maybe UT is not a top ten team.

That said, we looked great last night. Finally, for the first time this season, we had only mere minutes of frustrating play. Most of the game we were in control of our bodies, and we usually passed it to our own team! Our defense was awesome; Ramel played great against Lofton, who, if he had the touches in space, could've easily gone for thirty. We were poised down the stretch, and we looked like an actual good team. Isn't it nice to be confident that we will hit free throws late? Meeks and Jasper are adding the stability we need in the backcourt, and it looks like P. Steve may be ready to take over for Mark Coury, who, in the humble opinion of, well, the universe, is bad at this whole "basketball" thing. Hopefully Joe's leg isn't broken (it has probably already been amputated if our previous luck is any indication), and we can ride this wave to 12-4...or 10-6...or whatever.

UL/USF should be a dandy. Maybe not; I didn't even know USF had a basketball team. Oh, and whoever was pumping the "South Florida is the biggest school in Florida" line to me is a liar. Florida is...then Central Florida.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I forgot something

I meant to include this in my UL section yesterday, but there was a replay that perfectly epitomized Louisville's defensive philosophy. (DISCLAIMER: This is not an invitation for every UL fan to post about UK sucking and how you beat us.) Towards the end of the game, Seton Hall ran two players through the lane, crossing one another. It looked similar to a play that we ran in eighth grade. Anyway, on this play, Jerry Smith fouled out (not without his token bitching. Jerry, with that mustache, no one will take you seriously outside of Wet Willy's). When ESPN+ (must have been quite a bidding war for this showdown) showed the replay, not only could you see Smith grabbing and pulling his man's jersey, but T-Will was employing the exact same "grab and pull" defense. Again, I wish I knew how to move...SOMEONE FELL!!! I just saw someone fall outside. Asian man, 5'10", wearing a big puffy jacket. Oh man; he thinks no one saw him!!! It's icy out there, grasshopper...sorry. That was hilarious.... OK. I wish I knew how to move things from my TV to my computer.

I'm sorry, but we're going back to the fall for a second. This dude was briskly walking just outside these stupid glass doors that you aren't allowed to open, and it looked like he was trying to do some sort of "stop and turn." When he planted, I think, his foot slipped and his flailing arms stole my attention. Just as I turned, he was doing some sort of crawl with all four limbs that ended with him face-planting. It was awesome. He quickly stood up, adjusted his glasses, looked around, and was on his way. He didn't immediately brush the snow off, but I'm sure he did moments later. He was covered.

As for Louisville's fall (that's good journalism), I really thought they were coming together to be a force in the BEast. I thought this up until like four minutes left in the Seton Hall game. They should have guarded those two guys; would have worked in their favor.

If anyone is a blog-hopper like me, you should really check out The Big Lead, as they have a mention of Sully's on 4th Street in one of their recent posts. I generally trust the judgment of these folks, but they are endorsing Sully's as being cool. Apparently, when their source/friend went, he must have been blacked out. I think I've been their twice and never bought a drink from their bar. I always had to go down to Friday's and walk back. It was a pain in the ass. Plus, everybody there was sweaty.

What can you say about tonight's game? We might lose by fifty, or we might win. Probably won't win, even though after the game I'll feel like we were "right there!!" We'll see what happens with a "healthy" Meeks and Jasper. I take back the Rafael Little statement; they aren't vag's.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Way to go, MLK!!!

No school!!!!

The weekend had way to much stuff happen for me to simply write a post in paragraph form, so, instead, I'm going with a list of bold headers.

Nick Calathes
This kid is good. He, in fact, is very good. Not only was he dishing out assists and making plays all night, but he, not, Walter(please read the comments for evidence of my mortality) Hodge, buried the dagger. We had the overtime momentum until Calathes shook free on the wing and drained a three. When that one fell, I knew we would have a tough time recovering. As for his spat with Ramel, I think his actions were slightly misrepresented by the UK faithful. He didn't knock Bradley over; he came to get the ball aggressively out of excitement, but he didn't maliciously knock Bradley to the floor. More on this later...

Or now...

Ramel Bradley
Until the last fifteen seconds, I had a blog post written in my head about the ridiculousness of Ramel Bradley. Then he hit that three. Anyway, here's the abridged version: Ramel Bradley is a jackass. I guess I mean that in the best way possible, but the Calathes incident pissed me off. I can see being frustrated with the offensive foul call and Calathes coming to take the ball from him compounding that, but don't flop. It makes you look like a bitch. If anything, get in the kid's face or something. It's no coinicidence that you are always in the middle of these little spats. I love your passion, I know you play hard, but you need to learn how to make good decisions. I'm fine with you getting into it with other guys (not like that...but that's cool too, I guess), but do it to create a competetive advantage. Go ahead, get in their heads. Just don't flop. You know who likes to flop...

Greg Paulus

Mike Patrick
First of all, Mike Patrick is the ugliest man on the planet. He looks like a Star Trek character. Secondly, watching him call a Duke game is like watching a propoganda film in real time. I wish I had video to back this up, but I have no idea how to move things from my TV to my computer. Oh, and that's not an invitation for people to tell me how to do it, either. Anyway, during the first half of Saturday's Duke/Clemson game, there were to curious calls within five minutes of on another. Calls by Patrick, not the refs. The first occurred when there was a loose rebound that a Clemson player reached before Duke's Mcclure. I guess, since it's impossible to out-hustle a Duke player in Patrick's idiot mind, there had to be a foul. And he said, straight-up, the Duke player was "mugged, but no call." The funny thing here is that the player wasn't mugged; he was simply late getting to the ball. The second instance came about fifteen seconds later, when Nolan Smith was called for a foul in the backcourt. For the record, Nolan Smith was slapping the balls off the Clemson player bringing the ball up, and he fouled him about 80 times before it was called. Anyway, Patrick described this as "Smith dogging his man." So, when Clemson doesn't foul and gets to the ball first they are mugging Duke, but when Duke fouls, it's because of hard and well-played defense. Mike Patrick is an asshole.

UK/UF officiating
I don't like to talk bad about refs, but this game was a little ridiculous. There were numerous instances when UK was called for a foul and the replay showed zero contact. The best example was the Calathes leaner in the lane, where Meeks literally ran by him. Another good one came when Meeks was called for a foul on the press, when he was standing behind Jai Lucas. I'm sure we got a few calls, but I felt short-handed a bit. Oh well.

UL/Seton Hall

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hey, Louisville, stop playing on Thursdays!

When I made my work schedule, one of the factors when choosing which nights I worked was what games would be on. Thus, I chose Thursday and Friday nights. I know, I'm pathetic. But still, when did meaningful games start being played on Thursdays? This is bullshit. Anyway, I didn't get to see any of the game, but, judging by the box score, I'm sure it was basically a parade for Terrence. I'm glad I missed it.

I did, however, see most of the Minnesota/IU game. It really got me thinking: So this is what it looks like when a team completely buys into a Tubby system. It's getting more and more obvious that the problem with recent UK teams wasn't Tubby: It was the egos of some of the players...from one particular class. People always bitched about us not pressing, but could you imagine Randolph Morris as the safety on a press? That big camel would be chewing his damn gum back there and teams would score every time on runouts. It's pretty sad, really. Tubby needed guys who would listen and who knew how to play, and he had that with guys like Fitch, Bogans, Daniels, etc. and we were awesome. Then we got the big stars, and we sucked. I hate to be "that guy" but Ramel Bradley has zero basketball sense. He works his ass off and does some great things, but I don't think I've ever seen a senior take worse shots and be more out of control with the ball. I really feel bad for him because it's easy to see how hard he tries. He just doesn't get it.

I guess that's it. We really can't afford to get blasted by UF tomorrow. We need Meeks and Jasper; this is getting Rafael Little-like.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just to add some fuel to the hatred...

Why Hansbrough?

Tyler Hansbrough shot fifteen free throws last night. Georgia Tech shot ten. Why? What is it about him? On one play in particular, there was a tie-up on a loose ball. Two refs came flying in to call a jump ball, and, as psycho T hit the floor, another came in and called a foul. Paul Hewitt about shit his pants. All Hansbrough does is act spastically on the floor and flail about until one of his limbs catches another player. Upon this contact, he crumples to the floor. I take everything back that I said about Kevin Love; at least he gets hit when he gets fouled. Hansbrough job is to force a shot in traffic; he gets the call every time. He's impossible to defend. The bad thing is, he knows he will get these calls. If he doesn't he acts like he got Henderson-ed. Which leads into my next point: Does he use those little blood packets like wrestlers? Why is he always bleeding? Every UNC game I watch ends with him covered in blood. It's disgusting.

It appears that, for the first time in a few years, one in every five Cubs games will last 2 hours and ten minutes. Lieber is back! I hope he can be in our rotation, but he's really been chucking meat lately.

Some huge dude punched Greg Paulus last night. The funny thing is, as this video shows, the punch didn't appear to have really landed. Instead, Paulus acts like it did. You have to watch until the end. Apparently, I didn't know this until I saw the replay, some people don't like it when you swing wildly "for the ball" and then lay on the floor and maliciously kick your legs. If you would have heard some douche on ESPN, you would have thought that Paulus was doing community service when he was undeservedly attacked. Luckily, I caught the replay. I'm an advocate for clean play and all, but when you provoke an attack AND your Greg Paulus, I have no mercy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How did we almost win?

Unbelievably, we had a fighting chance in last night's game. The whole game, until the final five or so minutes, we played like the scared, intimidated team of old. Finally, after nearing the point of sheer humiliation, we played like a team that was, again, going to steal a win from a better team. Even though Ramel spazzed his way to 22 points, he really forced some plays in key situations. I know that we need him scoring for our offense to work, but he was absolutely out of control for much of the game. If we are going to spread a defense and look to penetrate, we need the ball in Crawford's hands, who at times looks unstoppable when barreling to the basket. Patterson needs to figure out how to score against tall people. Fans want to literally cry foul on many of those blocks, but you are never going to get that call on the nation's top shot-blocker. However, had it been Hansbrough instead of Patterson, we shoot 30 free throws and Hansbrough gets praised for his ability to get to the line. Oh well, we got a huge game in Gainesville Friday. Maybe we can finally be healthy.

In case you missed SportsCenter, the top mascot of all-time was...I can't remember. Good Lord, that show can suck sometimes.

For some reason, probably because I'm not locked in my shitty apartment watching Cheap Seats all day, I find that I have a lot more to talk about, other than sports. So stop reading now.

At IU, almost everyone takes the bus. That may not be true at all, but I do, and so do a lot of other people. Anyway, I've noticed a trend. You don't need a keen cynic's eye to see this, but it's pretty funny each time it happens. When a person does the super awkward walk-run to catch the waiting bus, they will always then stroll through the aisle, attempting to look as awesome as possible. The best part always occurs when the driver, ready to finally movve on, jerks the transmission into gear, and Joe-cool is effectively jarred back to his original state of awkwardness, despite his best efforts. Generally, the cooler this chump tries to look when walking through the bus, the more off-balance he will be when we start moving again. My tactic in this situation is simple: If I cannot comfortably board, I missed the bus.

A final word about this topic, and that is the cell phone use by generally fat, trendy girls. Nary fifteen minutes ago, I was on the bus and some porker rolls on with a cell phone plastered to her fat face. She was talking with her "boyfriend," and she was discussing their respective schedules. It was enthralling, luckily, since everyone could hear her. About the time that I was about to tune her out and stare at my shoes, she said to him, and I'm not making this up, "well, you can come for dinner, I guess....Oh, OK. Well, I'm not trying to be annoying, but...." It was pretty unbelievable. I was dangerously close to saying, fairly loudly, "Really?!" But, judging by her own size, her boyfriend is probably some sort of monster. I could tell by the smirk on the African-American gentleman across from me that he heard the same thing, and couldn't help but chuckle at the irony.

OK, enough about me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My blog is likeable!

I'm not sure what to think about the comment made by "CresceNet," if that is her/his real name, but I couldn't find my site ANYWHERE on that blogroll. I actually couldn't find that blogroll at all. Anyway, thanks for the love, Cres. A hug.

I decided that I would visit the website, and I learned a few things. First of all, the site is in Portugese. It's about some internet provider, methinks. Here's what it says on the sidebar (according to babelfish): It speeds up now! 2007 CresceNet arrived the Promotion Race of the Champions. They will be six phases, one for month between July and December. In each phase we will have rankings monthly in the categories Professional, Amador and Indicações. Em December will leave the final result with the 3 distribution of Scooters, 10 Notebooks, 10 PCs with LCD, 20 Ipods Shuffle and 1 Celta zero km.

I don't know what that means, even in English, but I do know that I'm winning that fucking scooter. Apparently, web service through CresceNet is very inexpensive, or fast, or maybe not. I really can't tell. You guys should check out the site; otherwise, I'd feel like I was dealing with a bunch of "Indicações." I think that means "jerk-offs."

Speaking of Indicações, I'm pretty sure the Bass will be up and running this week. The plan is for a weekly update, occurring each Thursday, with the best and most funniest material in history! Each week we will out-do ourselves; except this week, because we have no last week to out-do. Check back often, and if we have a mailing list, I'm signing everyone I know up. It can't be worse than the chain mail I get every fucking day. Oh, and by the way, you should all be nice to me, because I'm going to experience a major windfall soon. Some Prince from Nigeria needs some help, and he got my email from the Queen of America, who I think is Mrs. Z. Anyway, if I help him move some shit in some foreign bank account, he's going to give me a zillion dollars! I have to give him $30,000 for shipping and handling or something, but look at my profit! I got some Applebee's gift cards, too.

The Cay-uts are in Starkville right now, and the status of Meeks and Jasper is in question. KSR (Duke Law!!) doesn't even know if they'll play. However, the new intern (that son of a bitch) has not stopped jizzing about the Tyler Hansbrough dunk, calling it the best all season. I disagree. Wholeheartedly. He dunked over a 7'6" cardboard cut-out of Gheorghe Muresean. Pretty much any player could have made that play, and, had it been Danny Green dunking, the media focus would have been making fun of the neanderthal that got posterized. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice play, but I think the love affair with Psycho-T should end until, as Gregg Doyel has said, he plays big against someone good. As with Jordan Crawford, Hansbrough is only as good as the team around him. There's a reason why he's perenially the "greatest player ever" in college basketball, yet nowhere on the draft board.

There's little to say about the game, except I hope we win. We owe MSU some shit after they beat us in football and ended our SEC tourney run last year on some bullshit. Blame Sheray all you want, but I had never seen that called, nor have I since. It was a ridiculous call.

O t-Will é um assaltante do turd. Our friends at CresceNet will get that one!

Monday, January 14, 2008

God, you're pushing me!

I don't know where you live, but wherever it is, save Alaska and my parents basement, you are not colder than me right now. It is MISERABLE outside, and, apparently, only going to get colder. How do people live north of Louisville? It literally hurts to walk outside.

That was my attempt at a "human interest" blog post. Sucks, doesn't it? There's not much going on with UK and UL, so that's what I got. Mike Williams, unfortunately, isn't going to transfer.

I'll have more tomorrow about the UK/MSU game. Douchey Hansbrough is apparently out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Apparently, my prognostication was a week late. Ramel and Joe finally played like seniors; Ramon played hard, fearless, and without any major confusion; Jasper made some athletic plays on defense and drained a couple of threes; and, finally, Mark Coury showed us all that when he gets the ball at the top of the post, he, unlike Stevenson, looks like he will pass it to his own team. Stevenson played pretty well, but that guy is clueless.

Bradley and Crawford, for the first time this season, looked like two seniors who refused to lose to Vandy for a fifth straight. That's what seniors are supposed to do: Will their team to victory. Crawford played outstanding defense on, according to me, the SEC player of the year. Shan Foster is gooooooood. Anyway, Ramon's intensity was a big lift; and our rebounding and effort was different than we've seen all year. It really felt good to see us play with confidence and with the feeling that we'd win.

That said, Kevin Stallings is a big, fat pussy. Has anyone ever cried so much on the sideline??? I always thought he bitched more than most coaches, but he pushed it over the edge when he started whining for a foul call when Alex Gordon took a Ramel-like three and flailed as if he was hit. The replay, however, clearly showed that he was completely untouched. He also looks to be moments away from tears whenever he begins talking. Thanks for accomodating us, you fat turd.

One final thought; since when is Gus Johnson the tits when it comes to play-by-play guys? I mean, he's OK, but are we all forgetting the UL tournament games last year? The Edgar Sosa "Pequeño Tigre" (or whatever he called him) obsession got weird. He was literally shouting each time Sosa shot.

OK, I'm going to finish watching Extreme Home Cry-fest.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Embarassment forthcoming

I'm not even going to pretend we're going to beat Vandy tomorrow. Instead, I'd rather outline how embarassing it is to be beaten by these dorks four, probably five times in a row.

In their starting five, Vandy has both Ross Neltner and Andrew Ogilvie (who, although scoring 25 points against USC, is listed on as never having played a minute this season and has no position listed). Beginning with Neltner: What a douche. I hated all of the UK fans who always bitched about how we let him "get away." Neltner is an under-sized four, who really fits in no system (definitely not Tubby's or Gillispie's). My biggest memory of Neltner came last year, when he hit the back of the rim with a three, and it went straight up and straight down, falling through the net. Clearly a lucky bounce, Neltner was sure to jog backwards down the floor, holding his follow-through up and nodding his big, stupid head. Do you pose after all of your missed shots, Jordan? He's a Fort Thomas cake-eater, and he plays for a team that has beaten us four straight times. What is wrong with the world?

Andrew Ogilvie is much harder to make fun of. While I'm certain that he's a turd, he's been one of the best player's in the SEC this season. He's third in the conference in scoring (Foster leads) and 9th in rebounding. He will be a problem. Even if Patterson does a good job down low, we can only hope for Harris to hold Foster to 30. Good Christ, when did Vandy get so good?

Rick Majerus, who once said on live TV, "I like to give my guys a couple of ball-touches before they just go in and jack it," has lost his mind. St. Louis scored 20 points last night. That is pathetic. I still don't know how that is even possible; did they not shoot?

I didn't see the UL-WVU game last night, so insert your best T-Will comments here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"He has a fantastic fanny"

Steve Lavin said this no less than fifteen times last night, when talking about college basketball players, past and present. Later during this awkward exchange between he and Musberger, Brent mentioned something about Lavin's wife. It got quiet and weird. I googled her, and she indeed has a fantastic fanny.

All of this awkwardness occurred during the IU/Michigan game. As I said earlier, Eric Gordon is the best player in the country. Not only can he score thirty every night, can threes from thirty feet, and dunk on people; he must also share the floor with Jordan Crawford, who is a train-wreck. Look at all those commas. Next time IU is on, watch. You will be amazed by both Gordon and Crawford, but for different reasons.

I'm sorry. I've sat for like 30 minutes and can't think of anything else. Nothing interesting is happening! Oh, the Bass is back. Updated every Thursday, and the addition of a comments section or message board or both forthcoming.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Am I crazy?

Well, don't answer that. But, did anyone else think that every media member at that game, save Urban Meyer, was pulling for shitty OSU? After the game, you would have thought that someone shit on the GameDay set. They were being a bunch of little bitches; I can understand Herbstreit, but Corso was dejected. He acted like he hated LSU all week and that they wouldn't be able to win.

Along those lines, remember all the talk about Ohio State being fast? They're not. Maybe they're Big 10 fast, not SEC fast. They literally had one offensive threat; LSU stopped him, and that was it. It's hard to make sense of this without stating the obvious: LSU was just much better than OSU. You can say all they outcoached, home-field, outmanned shit that you want; they just aren't very good on a national scale. Corso keeps talking about how they've only lost a few times in the last couple of years, and won 6 of 7 vs. Michigan. However, when you dominate your conference as they do, it's easy to pretend that you're much better than you are. Whenever OSU has played a big team outside of their conference, they lose. Embarassingly.

Next year they play USC out of conference. Good for them; they'll get blasted and we won't have to watch their shitty team in the national championship again.

It really seemed like LSU did no scouting, and waited for the first quarter to feel OSU out. Wells broke that TD, and LSU was like, "Oh, OK. Stop that running back, huh? We'll do that, as well as blitz the shit out of Boeckman." They singled the OSU wideouts, and Robiskie and Hartline were rarely open.

Again, OSU had so much to prove. They started with all the momentum. In the end, it didn't matter; they would've gotten beaten by any of the other conference champions. They do not belong.

Is the Clemens phone call staged? I don't know what to think about this whole situation. However, for the few people who had not yet turned their back on baseball, this was probably the last straw. Baseball will take a big it; and they probably should. They need to clean this mess up.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

OK, what time is the UK/UL game?!

Oh, apparently that has already been played.

Clearly the superior team won yesterday, and they deserved to win. Unfortunately, for the Cay-uts, UL played with half a brain in the second half, ending all hopes of an upset. Tello finally got his win over UK; good for him.

Now for the important stuff: T-Will gate '08. First of all, I must explain my loyalty for hating T-Will. I've been on board since day one and it has only gotten worse; I say this with no regrets: I've never hated a college basketball player more--and Greg Paulus is included! From the sheer hype he has created for himself to his overall lackluster play, T-Will is a walking and talking and talking and talking and talking jabroni. He is an awful shooter, his basketball IQ is alarmingly low, and his propensity to over-celebrate at any positive play is absolutely sickening. Watching him play makes me want to slash my eyeballs.

Anyway, the actual incident occurred with an indetermined amount of time remaining in one of the halves. Whenever it occurred, the game was clearly decided. Padgett, one of the few players for either team that deserves anyone's respect, was retardedly gliding down the lane for an uncontested dunk. As an aside, Vein looks retarded when he runs. Literally. Anyway, Ramel Bradley, whose nickname fails to mirror his game in any capacity, attempted to rip Vein's arm clear off his body. In doing so, Vein awkwardly tumbled to the floor. In reality, it was an uncalled for frustration foul, and it was total garbage. However, Bradley quickly appeased the situation (surprisingly) by offering to help the fallen center. It was then that an admittedly ignorant T-Will rushed to the side of his fallen teammate to act as a "shield." Williams, who hails from the meanest streets of Seattle (the one's where the Starbucks are drive-thru only), has now acted as both a weapon to his teammates (when pistol-whipping Jerry Smith) and a shield. You must admit, the man wears many hats. T-Will's biggest mistake, however, was pushing the disinterested Joe Crawford, whose only motive was finding the loose basketball so that he could dribble it. The best part, for me at least, was when Williams was pinned by Padgett against the basket, and he was repeatedly screaming "are you cool?!?!?" The look in Padgett's face was one of pure fear, as T-Will came dangerously close to kissing him.

In the end, the T-Will technical and Ramel's intentional were the right calls. In all seriousness, I believe that T-Will is completely starved for attention, and that he will do anything to get it. Watch the next time he makes a three; he'll make sure everyone knows it.

I will admit, I truly thought Bradley was going to take the high-road and defend T-Will's actions in the postgame. Nope. Called him a clown, instead. Pretty accurate. T-Will is a fucking joke.

Let me be clear in saying that I am not advocating Bradley's actions; there is no place for that in the game, and he knows that. T-Will's actions, however, have no place...anywhere.

What's with his name, anyway? Terrence Williams? That is on par with 'Carlton Banks.'

Finally, I want to also make clear that I stand by both posts from yesterday (especially the latter). However, I am starting to get some weird traffic from Google searches of "Ashley Judd cunt." Awesome.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ashley Judd is a dumb cunt

Stop associating her with UK basketball.

That is all.

The way it is

As far back as I can remember, the worst day of my sports year was the Louisville game. No matter the discrepancy between the two teams, any mention of this game and my stomach would drop. Louisville has always been the most feared of all our opponents, and, for the first time in my lifetime, they are not. Unfortunately, that is a bad, bad thing.

Whenever I would cross friends who were Louisville fans, I would often wonder as to why they were so confident and unnerved at the prospect of playing us. Finally, this year, I realized why. With an underachieving team in a transition year struggling with injuries, I do not expect us to beat Louisville. I don't really expect us to beat anyone, but that's another story. Beating Louisville this year would be simply a silver-lining to a season stuffed with disappointment. However, Louisville (and their fans) also finds themselves in an unfamiliar position.

Before Louisville fans (well, the two that are confirmed to have read this site) begin gloating, allow me to qualify my fear for your oft-crappy team. It is not borne in the realization that you can beat us. Instead, it is fearfully spawned from the terror of what will happen IF you beat us. For, you are never supposed to beat us. Despite your recent attempts at a "dynasty" with our leftovers (has he started smelling yet?), we will always be Kentucky. Unfortunately, for our little brother's, you will never be us. Ever. WE are Kentucky; you are not. Don't feel bad, though; no one is.

Perhaps then, this year's team will surprise us. Would you expect anything less from a Kentucky team? Maybe Ramon Harris loses the "she looked 18" confusion in his eyes and plays like a formidable wing; maybe Meeks and Jasper are the stars that we need; hell, maybe Joe and Ramel play like the seniors with swagger who have yet to lose the these Cards. Whatever the formula is, it will be discovered soon despite the coaches and players on the floor. We are Kentucky; I feel like our recent failings have caused too many people to forget that. Starting today, we can remind people. It does not matter who is in the blue and white, Kentucky is bigger than any coach on the sidelines or player on the floor.

Regardless of what happens today, feel confident in knowing that we will be back. We are Kentucky. We always come back. It may not be the immediate turnaround that people expected when Gillispie was hired, but it will come in due time. No matter what any UL fan says to you if they do win today, remember that they are not as good as us. They will never be.

Friday, January 4, 2008

To the greatest Tight End who ever lived, including Ozzie Newsome, Kellen Winslow, and James Whalen

In late August, I was watching an SEC preview show on ESPNU. I remember one of the assholes (they're all terrible), said that UK would have success in football. He spoke abot Woodson, Burton, and Woodyard. Then he mentioned our tight end: Jake Tamme. I recall thinking, 'you know, douche bag, no one calls him Jake.' For some reason, it really pissed me off. Maybe it was the fact that Tamme was my favorite player; maybe it was because calling him "Jake" made him sound eight years old; whatever the reason, it was clear to me that Tom Luginbill (or whoever) would know by the end of the season what he should be calling the UK tight end (Luginbill did not respond to numerous (0) emails).

Whether he was ripping the ball away from defenders (UL and UT) or making a diving catch in the back of the endzone (USC), you could always tell that Tamme cared--a lot. He was raised in Kentucky (the same place as Chase Harp--how!?!?), and it was clear that this season really mattered to him. Starting with the MCB of 2006, you could see that he was living his dream of playing for a GOOD Kentucky team. After the game, after the trophy was hoisted, Tamme was still wandering around the field, soaking up the praise that rained upon him from the thousands who stayed in their seats to watch the Cats go to the locker room. How could Tamme have seen this coming when he started at UK?

In reality, all of these seniors deserve this same praise. They really did a lot for this program and realized what was at stake. Thrilling victories over UL and LSU will serve as the strongest of cornerstones for the future. Their leadership will resonate throughout the decade as the next several years of Kentucky football looks bright.

Thank You,
Everyone (except Chase Harp)

OK, enough of that. Writing letters, real or fake, sure takes a lot out of you. Anyway, FOX should never show college football again. During a pregame montage about 11-1 Kansas, they called the Jayhawks "UK." I'm sure that fired some people up. If Joe Buck isn't calling it, don't show it.

Maybe a Ca-yards preview tomorrow; but who really cares, right?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dear L-Raisers...

I'm not very good at this, but here goes. Fuck you. All of you. I decided to stay for my senior year and put my high draft status at risk because of the support shown to me by the city that I loved. I'm sure there are many of you that truly support me and appreciate what I've done. However, booing the team that I play for kind of contradicts that support. You see, I don't know if you noticed, but I am extremely team-oriented. Therefore, when you boo those chumps, I hurt.

I guess all I really want to say is thank you for turning your collective back on me. I remember having the chance to go pro and make millions after Petrino left last year, but I didn't. I thought loyalty meant something--everyone said it did. I guess I learned my first life lesson. Had last year been my senior year, there would have been a parade at 4th Street after the season. This year, since it was a transition year and our team sucked, no one cares about me anymore. What have you done for me lately, huh?

Thank you for your wavering support.

Brian (M.I) Brohm

Unfortunately, for me (I'm not Brohm anymore), the hometown QB has far more class than I. I really feel bad for him. His draft status has taken quite a hit after this season, and, despite what he says, he must regret returning for his final season. Oh, this marks the end of the "dynasty." I don't think that the nation's top player will be in your backyard two years in a row ever again. Join us in eternal mediocrity!!!

I must admit, West Virginia looked super good last night. As I said about Little during the MCB goes for WVU: were they sandbagging the entire season? If anyone was unlucky enough to watch the WVU-Pitt game, you would have to swear that WVU fielded two different teams. Pat White looked competent passing, and unstoppable running the ball. Why does OU always get embarassed in their bowls? Perhaps it is the Big 12 which was garbage this year...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good work

The Fox sideline chick just reported that Sleve Slaton, the guy on the sidelines with no helmet or shoulder pads, was going to "give it a go" in the second half. Well, I beg to differ.

Surprising game so far; White looks very good. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You're next!!!

Hopefully this babbling douche bag gets a chance at an SEC school so that the Cay-uts can continue their dominance of this hilljack family. We probably aren't so lucky, though, as I can't imagine him getting another job.

If there are any questions concerning the discipline of FSU after the academic scandel, they answered them with their play in the game yesterday. They had a bevy of unsportsmanlike penalties, and their special teams play was atrocious. I understand that Bowden has been at FSU for fifty years or something and he's been responsible for breeding dominant teams, but he needs to leave. He has absolutely zero control over his players. He had little control over his players when his teams were good; now they blow and he has lost it all. At this rate, they will have a season where they don't even field a team.

I'm am all for upstart teams like Hawaii getting their chance in a BCS game (that's not even true), but it is awful sweet to watch UGA blast the Rainbow Warriors in the first half. Yeah, Rainbow Warriors. Colt Brennan sucks. Oh, Keenan Jones, #29, is a psycho and should have been tossed when he nearly killed that returner.

My answer to you, Chuck, is another question. Why is BCG clueless and without character? Was it the breeze-by he gave Tom Penders after the home crowd chanted how much he sucked for the final five game minutes? I know that you would never cite Coach K as the picture of class, but he once took his team off the floor during the game. I think that is a little worse. If that is the most classless thing that BCG does this year, fine. We're frustrated and struggling mightily; the man won he Big 12 Coach of the Year twice in the last three years. I don't think that these 12 games are indicative of his coaching ability. I also find the character comment very, very ironic.

As far as his being a drunk, I really don't give a shit. As long as he continues to get plowed within the boundaries of the law, who cares? I don't really care about the unsubstantiated rumors that are all over the web. Until some bad shit goes down, let's wait and see how he does for the remainder of the year. He's been respectable to the media despite our psychotic fans, the pressure, and the rumors. Besides, anyone looks classless in the shadow of Tubby.

Saturday's game should be interesting. As bad as UL looks, I think we will have to play much better than we have all year in order to win. It's certainly possible now that Meeks and Jasper are playing, but I think a win will be tough to get. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

OK, my love for Jacob Tamme will be thoroughly outlined tomorrow as well as what I would have written to UL fans if I was Brian Brohm. Yeah, big day. I'll probably be tired and not write anything, though. Deal with it. Gotta go, Hawaii's marching band is playing! I like the tromboners the best.