Friday, November 30, 2007

Message Boards are Heating Up!!!

See a-holes, had you guys done this on the other site, I'd be rich!!! Anyway, in response to our nameless friend, I would almost concede the 'UT is awful' idea. However, what few people realize about these teams, is their non-skill players are soooooooooo good. When playing UT, getting to Ainge is almost impossible (especially since he throws the ball anywhere after the hint of any pressure). Their defense is solid and good teams like UT and UGA don't make bad mistakes often. In order to win against these teams, you have to BEAT them. You won't get anything easy.

In regards to the WVU comment, I can guarantee that the wouldn't run all over UT, UGA, or even UF (who's defense kinda blows). WVU, while very good, is a gimmick. They can only do one thing; good teams can stop that. Their defense is shit, and if they fall behind they would have trouble coming back. I don't have a clue who will win the NC, but a lot of points will be scored. Actually, it'll probably be fucking OSU.

As for the White over Tebow nonsense, it is just that, nonsense. There is no way to argue it, unless I give you stats. Oh, and Pat White can't throw. Here ya go..

SOS: Tebow-3, White-29 (adv. Tebow)
Passer rating: Tebow-177.85 (2nd), White-153.17 (10th) (adv. Tebow)
Passing yards: Tebow-3132 (20th), White-1498 (t-101...w/ Casey Dick) (adv. Tebow)
Pass TD's: Tebow-29 (t-9th), White-12 (t-77) (adv. Tebow)
Pass INT's: Tebow-6 ('s backwards), White-4 (adv. White)
Rush yards: Tebow-838 (t-70), White-1144 (31st) (adv. White)
Rush TD's: Tebow-22 (3rd), White-14 (t-18th) (adv. Tebow)

OK, I'm tired of that. In the end, choosing White over Tebow would be absolutely ridiculous. Thank you, nameless one, for reading. But you are really wrong. Like if right were a ten-win season, you'd be UL. Tebow's awesome and if he played linebacker UF would be in the NC. He MUST win the Heisman. I guess it's him or McFadden, both of the "shitty" SEC.

Moving on to the Cards, they won! It was a good game, and it was(n't) nice to see the seniors go out with a win. Unfortunately, Brohm played in front of twice as many people for his senior state championship. Good job, L-raisers! Way to support your best player ever...maybe. If they would've painted the seats black, the blackout would've been a tremendous success.

OK, maybe some sort of UK-UNC preview later today....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh. Well, I Guess they Went Inside...

Contrary to what young'n's do at the Stonybrook movie theater, the basketball version came inside Rupp and nearly beat us. They suck immensely, and for us to play that close to them is surely a frightening sight. However, I have some insight and opinions that may surprise you.

I see one of two things happening on Saturday vs. UNC: we can either get bludgeoned, or we can win. Sure, they can roll in and blast us as we have no one that can match-up with anyone on their team, especially if Joe and not-Smooth play like the ball-hogging clowns we remember from, well, their whole career. On the flip-side, though, I think we can be a team that is eager to show that we are not completely terrible and that we have something to prove. I must note, however, that I felt this way nearly every game last season, ending before the Florida game in Gainesville. That game marked the first time in my life when, as a UK basketball fan, I felt that we had absolutely no shot to win. We'll see what happens.

Oh Bozich, you tool. I don't want to re-enter the Big East/SEC argument, but West Virginia and Missouri would be an awful NC. Unfortunately, OU will beat Mizzou and the game will be even worse, with OSU v. WVU. I love how OSU is just going to back into a National Championship. The BCS is such bullshit. I know all you bitches hate to hear this, but UGA, LSU, and maybe even Florida are better teams than OSU, WVU, Mizzou, etc... I honestly believe that the level of play in the SEC is higher than in other conferences. I know USF beat Auburn and WVU throttled MSU; but remember, LSU destroyed VT and Florida massacred FSU, etc. Overall, you put any team in the SEC that has to play those games every week, no one can go undefeated.

I do hate doing all this, because it is literally guessing. Someone create a playoff system. OK, I will. The top eight in the BCS go to a playoff and each conference must have a conference championship in order to be recognized. There, I did it. Here's how the tourney would look this year (before the outcome of the championships this weekend):

(1) Mizzou v. (8) USC
(2) WVU v. (7) LSU
(3) OSU v. (6) VT (good God; you couldn't pay me enough to watch that shit)
(4) UGA v. (5) KU

That would be round 1. As it plays out, on neutral fields, USC beats Mizzou, LSU beats WVU, OSU beats VT ( the rain...b/c God hates that game too), and UGA beats KU (by 20).

That gives us USC v. LSU and OSU v. UGA in the semis. LSU and UGA play in the championship. UGA wins b/c Les Miles is retarded.

Regardless of what you think would happen, wouldn't this be fucking awesome?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yes, Just Like the Movie Theater

If my high school years are any indication, Stony Brook will be a group of ninth-grade, cigarette-smoking wiggers. Further, they will arrive at the game in their parents' mini-van. Should be interesting; they probably won't even go to the game, they'll just hang around outside Rupp.

However, Stony Brook does have two very famous players on their team: Nick Carter and Chris Martin. I hope we can overcome their star power; everyone else has.

Why do we care that Tello and Vein were at a club? They're 21, and they aren't playing. If anyone on these message boards were ever at 4th street, they would see all of these guys every weekend. Big deal; college kids drink. We often forget that these guys are only college kids; it always makes me feel pathetic when I remember that.

More tomorrow. Good heavens I hope Duke loses tonight.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Remember Me?

My name is Jacob Tamme. I try really hard when I play football. Unfortunately, for some reason, when the game that I have been dreaming of winning since I was a little boy came down to the wire, all the old people on the sidelines forgot that I was on their team. Oh well. I guess it's back to being the silent tight end that no one can guard but rarely gets the ball.

I've made it a point to never bitch about coaching decisions and whatnot throughout this season. I understand that their job is very hard and it's difficult to please everyone. But from the outset, we were thouroughly outcoached by fat Phil. We constantly failed to pressure Erik "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Ainge (he gets the nickname from the noise he makes and subsequent pass he throws when he sees a rushing defender). We were absolutely lit up by a sub-par quarterback. Furthermore, we had numerous chances to win the were wasted by what can only be described as poor coaching. You want examples? Here they are (all of these are off the top of my head, BTW)
1) Arian Foster's success as a receiver. He was WIDE open to begin the game on a simple RB throwback. I know the coaches can't be out there to make the play, but seriously, do our LB's still not understand staying home?
2) The run play at the end of regulation. I agree with running the ball, but not up the middle and not with Vagi Little. He is the furthest thing from an inside runner that we have on our team. If you want Vagi to run the ball, swing him wide where he can make a move. Otherwise, run Locke or Grinter.
3) Sitting on the ball after the pick. Three runs. Three mother fucking runs. We have one of the best QB's in the country and FOUR top notch receivers, and we want to put it all on our improving yet still kinda shitty kicker. I'm not saying we shouldn't have confidence in Lones, just that we should have tried moving the ball.
4) Tamme. See above. Throw him the ball.
5) The Derrick Locke fiasco. I don't know what happened, it could be Locke's fault, but he wouldn't just run onto the field. Someone told him something that made him do that.

Even with these mistakes, we should have won. Woodson makes an easy throw to Keenan to end regulation and the game is over. I'm not trying to say that the coaches completely lost the game, but I think they could have made some better calls. It's tough, though, until you're in that position. Hindsight and all that shit. One other thing about the coaches, we may need to reconsider hiring Joker if RB retires. Parcells is available...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Billy Clyde Lives!!!

The Liberty game gives us hope; however, we play UNC in nary a week and they could very well come into Rupp and destroy us. Crawford and Bradley are eager to be our scorers on the perimeter, and Patterson is holding his own in the post. As long as Legion, Stewart, and Coury continue to play effectively, we should be OK. It is my opinion that Legion will be a star in a couple of years.

My big fear has been constant throughout the season, and it is that a team with a strong low post game will be impossible for us to stop. Patterson is a strong player down low; however, he is merely a four. We don't have a true center that can body-up a Hansbrough or Caracter in the paint. Thankfully, there are no Florida's with a front line Horford and Noah, but we will still struggle against big teams. In the meantime, we have to beat the teams that we are supposed to beat; losing to UNC, IU, and UL will suck tremendously, but it won't ruin us. I'm more worried about Houston, UAB, and the "shitty" teams. We can't afford anything close to another GW slip-up. First, for the good of our program; second for Gillispie's personal health.

Kragthorpe is staying. Not surprising at all; but a very good decision despite his naysayers. Firing Kragthorpe would make UL look like twice the joke that they are now. Having a down year during a oaching change is fine (prepare yourselves, UK fans), but quickly firing the replacement makes the UL football head coach job impossible to sell. He can bring in some recruits and UL will slowly glide back to their spot in mediocrity.

Duke's postgame celebration after winning the Maui Classic was fucking sickening. There is no way they act like that in real life. Tell me they are being extra douche-y for the cameras. One guy couldn't stop hugging players; he was the obligatory short, white tool at the end of the bench (not Pocious). Coach K still gets some bullshit calls. There were at least two touch fouls called, in successive possessions. I cannot handle watching Paulus win; they won, but it was no thanks to him. He threw the ball directly to a Marquette player once; and in the waning moments, he again attempted to literally soft-toss the ball to them. He sucks so bad at everything.

Oh, surprise here, Jon Scheyer won the video game competiton. What a nerd. He's the only player, coincidentally, that I can stomach on that team.

I think we will beat UT tomorrow. Ainge blows and maybe our D will stop runs, screens, and slants! We'll put up some points as well. Should be an emotional day for me, as I frequently cry at senior day celebration. I cried at J.P. Blevins' and even Josh Carrier's. Those videos get to me.

Pete Sampras still plays tennis!!??!??

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

...Or Give Me Death...

There's a way to connect the Patrick Henry speech with Billy Gillispie's current state at UK, but I can't figure out how. What I can say is that if we lose to Liberty, Gillispie may die. I really hope we win.

Drew Neitzel proved his mettle last night by draining a three late; however, he also missed badly and completely airballed...later. Thus, Neitzel is pretty much what I thought he was: an overrated honky who thinks he's good. He wants to be "the guy;" unfortunately, he is a poor shooter. He seems to be a role player trying to morph into a star. Just run the offense, Drew. You're a good enough shooter to take 4 or 5 threes a game, just not at crunch time. Drew Neitzel sucks.

OK, I'm bored.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hi, My Name is David...

How many times is this guy going to get hurt? He is the Rafael Little of UL basketball. In all seriousness, I wish he would put more arc on his free throws. It bothers me.

Tough blow for the Cards. I guess now we can understand why they won't win a national championship this year. Any game they lose will be a direct result of the Padgett injury--that's how Pitino will spin it at least. Pitino lies so much that it is almost admirable. It wouldn't be, however, if the UL fanbase didn't take everything he says as absolute truth. He treats the fans and media like a group of drunk chicks. He says a bunch of crazy shit, which they believe, but when they wake up in the morning they think 'that guy is the next Mashburn?' (Seriously, Palacios hasn't been the same since the Rondo eye-rake) Point is, Pitino's optimism is fine and I understand that he is motivating his players and instilling confidence, but it's just annoying how he overreacts with any injury to a player and he builds up opposing teams to be much better than they are. He's a Spin Doctor--without the terrible songs.

Another note on UK and their defense. They are getting a lot of credit as the offense is taking much of the blame, but I don't see why teams ever throw the ball downfield against us. If they ran slants and screens on third down and runs every other play, we wouldn't stop anyone. LSU lost because Flynn kept trying to throw down the field and he is an awful passer. Richt was smart enough to give the ball to his backs and throw at least one short completion (that I remember). Stafford sucks and Richt knew that his passes would get picked; thus, he stopped throwing them. If only we could've put them in a deeper hole we may have forced Stafford to pass; that could've resulted in a blowout.

I realize I may be over-simplifying things here, but have you seen this defense stop a screen or a slant? I know slants are tough, but Vandy scored twice on them (wide open) and UGA converted a key third down. We are very confused by people standing on the outside of the field and running to the middle...we can't stop it. Beyond that, we have major trouble guarding backs and tight ends. Ainge is better than Stafford (I guess), but I suspect UT will try to power over us and use safe passing plays to move the ball effectively. I hope we can adjust accordingly, because we have not shown that we can stop those plays.

Bass college bball preview...catch the fever.

Monday, November 19, 2007

No Love for Tebow?

Why Tim Tebow isn't the clear-cut Heisman leader is absolutely beyond me. He now holds the SEC record for most rushing TD's in a season (20), and he has 27 TD's through the air. However, Ivan Maisel of thinks that Dennis Dixon should win the Heisman, basically because he got hurt. His injury, Maisel thinks, shows how valuable he is to his team. That's all well and good, but if Oregon didn't have a Leaf as their backup, they probably wouldn't suck so badly. Tebow is the best player in country; give him the damn trophy.

Fifth-grader Matthew Stafford is the worst QB that UK's played all year. Seriously, you're not eight, drop the 'hew.' His passes have nothing behind them and they often go to the wrong team. He was dying to throw a pick to Lindley; a feat that he failed to achieve. I think we could've won that game, but all the bitching and whining from UK fans is sickening. I thought UL fans had unrealistic expectations, but we're bitching because we lost at Georgia, the #9 team in the country. It's hard to be good in the SEC week in and week out; I feel like we should know that.

After watching UL get stomped, I am convinced that Urrutia is on the take. He really drops easy passes when he's open, which is rare. He's a tall, fast, and strong wideout who has a physical advantage over every DB, why can't he get open? He's either a giant pussy or someone's in his pocket.

Speaking of the UL game, they certainly managed to make Grothe look good again. Also, all the talk of Cantwell may have been blown out of proportion. I saw him make one pass and it was a horrible INT. I realize he hasn't played all year, but come on. We'll see; he may be good, but he certainly won't be nearly as good as Brohm was this year. UL may be worse next year...much worse. Remember, Hunter was a slightly recruited QB out of HS; no one just becomes great like was predicted by so many. Perhaps both he and Brohm were system QB' Ragone and Lefors.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Can't GW Beat UConn?

I understand that this is a completely desperate plea, but what about UConn makes them powerful? They sucked last year and there is no reason to believe that they have greatly improved. I was really excited to see that we were going to play them this year after Calhoun said we weren't any good last year. I guess we both suck now; I just hope that they suck worse than us like they did last year.

Regardless of what happens tonight, I still hold out some hope for the Cats. A few years ago, UNC got blasted by Santa Clara in the first game of the year and they cruised to win it all. I'm not saying we can win it all, but I am saying that we will still be good. We have a good coach (I think), good players (well...I like Legion's potential), and a good fan base (unreasonable...but loyal). I think we'll end up being a six seed (in the NCAA tourney...sadly, it's completely necessary to clarify).

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch IU play, consider yourself lucky. They will scare the shit out of you. Not only do they have the best freshman in the country, they also have a Crawford! This one, Jordan, seems to play with a level of control that eludes Joe. Perhaps Jo-Jo can watch his brother, three years his junior, and learn something.

If you haven't seen the preseason All-American team, here it is:
C: Roy Hibbert, G-town
F: Tyler Hansbrough, UNC
G: Chris Lofton, UT
G: Darren Collison, UCLA
G: Drew MOTHER FUCKING Neitzel???????, MSU
Drew Neitzel is an All-American?!?!?!? First of all, there are at least five players, at his position, that are better than him. Second, what is his position? He is slow, a decent ball-handler, a serviceable shooter, and a defensive liability. What about him makes him an All-American? Is it because he's a senior? No Sean Singletary? No Eric Gordon? No Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Brandon Rush, DJ Augustin, Patrick Beverly? Where are these guys? All of them are much better players than Neitzel, but are for some reason not gaining the same recognition. The media is so ridiculous when they make these picks. Here's mine...bitches:

C: Roy Hibbert-Who cares, there are no good centers in college basketball anymore. He's certainly tall enough.
F: Tyler Hansbrough-Somehow, Randolph Morris made him his bitch last year. I am in great fear of the day he returns to Rupp...
G: Sean Singletary-Best guard in the country on a bad team. Bad, bad team.
G: Eric Gordon-Best PLAYER in the country.
G: Chris Lofton-Best shooter since J.J.

I don't really have the stamina (knowledge) to elaborate any further on these guys, but if UVA is on, watch. Singletary is very good and he is able to single-handedly win games for his shitty team.

Watch Eric Gordon. He's unbelievable.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kevin Love is a Big, Fat Douche

From watching this tool in the Mcd's All-American game to seeing his highlights in his first games as a Bruin, I can already tell that this fatass is going to be a real chump. As if his facial hair wasn't lame enough, Love excels in the "fat center" game which was perfected by Glen Davis. Basically he plants his fat ass in the paint and waits for the ball to come to him; once it does, he flails his lard-ass around and runs over the defense. A foul is called, and he lives at the line. Big, fat tool.

I really don't have much else to say. Read the Bass.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Andrew Siciliano Blows

Like four years ago, Siciliano (probably spelled wrong, so he'll be Dr.D-bag from here out) filled in for Rome and I pegged him the best sports radio personality ever. He was funny, entertaining, engaging, and he spoke with a certain swagger and confidence that made him kind of a dick, yet endearing. He had fun, playful, yet aggressive arguments with listeners, and he seemed to know a lot of what he was talking about. He seemed very prepared, as he also does when filling in for Rome on the TV show (which is still called "Rome is Burning," even when mega-chump Doug Gottlieb fills in). Recently, while working nights, I found that Dr. D-bag had a show at 7PM called "Gametime" where he updates all of the current game and speaks to their significance, trends, etc. I thought it was a great concept; it's fucking lame.

I began listening at the beginning of the year, and the show wasn't half bad. It kept me abreast of the college b-ball action of the night, and Dr. D-bag was his endearing and engaging self that I remembered from Rome's show. Most of the material was unscripted, and he can be kind of funny. My only (major) annoyance was his constant obsession with talking about shitty Syracuse. It wasn't like he would mention them and openly root for them, at least an hour of the show was him arguing with callers about whether or not they sucked. It was pretty annoying, but it would end quickly and rarely cut into the actual show. He was good at doing his schtick during slow times of games, or when there were no games of interest. He also had some slutty little skank report all the news, Crystal, and their fake-flirting banter was pretty stupid, but tolerable. I haven't listened for some time, but I am again working nights so I thought I'd go right back to Dr. D-bag and the skank. My God this show sucks.

It was last Friday, so I understand they had little to talk about as far as actual games. I was ready for some NBA talk and maybe some previews of the college football games of Saturday, but what I got was completely different. The show began with skank talking about how these cops she banged in some alley (I may be getting the story wrong) giving her a ride when she couldn't get a cab. Dr. D-bag took offense because they should have been working, but as she had mentioned thirty times, they were off duty. So, basically, her story was that someone gave her a ride. First of all, that's the least engaging story I have ever heard. It was literally told like a Jeopardy interview; very lame, pointless, and awkward. Furthermore, I wanted it to be over as soon as possible (shut up Trebek! We'll never get through all of the first round!) Anyway, the banter, scripted by a couple of methed-up high school freshman, was so stupid and fake. To make matters completely unbearable, Dr. D-bag has this fake laugh that makes you want to stab your own face off.

Scripted stories are bad; when they are bad stories, they're worse. The story didn't make sense, and they argued about it for the first hour. They took calls! It was so awful.

Not awful: Ohio State lost! Their mighty defense couldn't stop the same exact play 4 times in a row. They did, however, get the last laugh as they began punching the Illini after the game. Good job, tools; enjoy getting blasted in your bowl again.

I watched the replay of the Vandy game, and, I never say this, but the officiating was atrocious. From the missed fumble call to the pass interference penalties to some phantom holds, those guys were middle school bad. Also, the Ashton Cobb hit, while vicious, was not dirty. Dude was pushing for more yards; got laid out. Deal with it. He wasn't trying to hurt him; he was trying to blow him up. He did; it's unfortunate he was concussed, but these things happen. Vandy fans are crying foul and reacting just as any dork would after getting a wedgie. An atomic wedgie.

BTW, Eric Gordon is scary good.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


That's the text I received at 11:13PM BEFORE having seen the UK game. I saw it this morning and thought nothing of it until I was taking my doggie to go potty (he pees now). Just as the brisk winter cold hit my face, the stark realization of UK's demise flooded my head. Just as LJ squatted for his steamer, I let out an audible "oh fuck." It was a pretty terrible feeling. We didn't get beat by Gardner-Webb--we got fucking smoked. I don't think I've ever been so stunned by a loss since the NC in '97 (I had no doubt that we would win that game). Needless to say I haven't watched SportsCenter and I immediately deleted the DVR recording; thus, to me, it never happened. Why did our games in NY get cancelled? OK, working already.

The real tragedy with all this is that I was primed to write an entire piece on why UL was going to beat WVU, but I just don't have the heart. I truly belive that WVU defense is total shit and if, in some way, the Cards can hold the Mountaineers to less than 40 they can outscore them. No one respects UL anymore, so they can surprise some teams. Look for a good game, I hope they lose by 50.

If you haven't heard the Nickelback song yet, consider yourself lucky. Despite my tireless picketing, this song has not been removed from radio playlists. I'll have the quesadilla, on the house. That is an actual FUCKING lyric in that song.

When I sat down to blog this morning, I needed inspiration after the game of yester-night. Luckily, we have YouTube. Please, anyone and everyone, search Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton. It will change your life.

I hate to sound like a music snob, but last night at work (we often have CD's blaring in the kitchen...even Snoop Dogg and shit) some skank put in a Dire Straits mix. I hadn't heard Romeo and Juliet in some time, and it solidified its place as my favorite song EVER.

If you dislike this song, you are a Communist. Even if you don't like it, you have to enjoy the fucking righteous 80's gear. As the The Clarks told me Sophomore year of college, I was born too late.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Does LSU Play in Bad Games?

I don't know what happens when LSU plays, but it is never a normal, boring game. Every game for them is like a movie, starting with the Florida game and extending through the UK, Auburn and Alabama games. I don't want to get into another conference blah-blah with anyone, but there is no comparison between what happened at the top of the SEC and the Big East last weekend. If I had to watch the UConn-Rutgers game, I'd shoot my face off. Also, the "mighty" South Florida D gave up 31 in the first quarter to Cincy. With that, Matt Grothe, as I said, sucks balls. So eat it ITV d-bags.

All I can say after watching the LSU game, is that I am super glad Early Doucet didn't play against us. He is huge and fast and unstoppable. Even Matt Flynn can throw TD's with Early on the field!

In order for UK to prove to everyone (inluding me) that we were not pretenders, we may need to win out. A close loss at Georgia would be accaptable, but if we lose to either Vandy or UT this season is just about a wash. We really blew it against MSU--very disappointing.

If you get the chance, listen to Nickelback's "Rock Star," the lyrics are posted below, but they cannot do the song justice. You must envision that tool from Nickelback with the long hair singing with his lame voice.


I'm through with standing in line
To clubs we'll never get in
It's like the bottom of the ninth
And I'm never gonna win
This life hasn't turned out
Quite the way I want it to be

(Tell me what you want)

I want a brand new house
On an episode of Cribs
And a bathroom I can play baseball in
And a king size tub big enough
For ten plus me

(So what you need?)

I'll need a credit card that's got no limit
And a big black jet with a bedroom in it
Gonna join the mile high club
At thirty-seven thousand feet

(Been there, done that)

I want a new tour bus full of old guitars
My own star on Hollywood Boulevard
Somewhere between Cher and
James Dean is fine for me

(So how you gonna do it?)

I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even cut my hair and change my name

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat
And we'll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger's
Gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny
With her bleach blond hair

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels
Hire eight body guards that love to beat up assholes
Sign a couple autographs
So I can eat my meals for free
(I'll have the quesadilla, on the house)
I'm gonna dress my ass
With the latest fashion
Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion
Gonna date a centerfold that loves to
Blow my money for me
(So how you gonna do it?)
I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even cut my hair and change my name


And we'll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary and today's who's who
They'll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I'm gonna sing those songs
That offend the censors
Gonna pop my pills from a pez dispenser

I'll get washed-up singers writing all my songs
Lip sync em every night so I don't get 'em wrong


And we'll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary and today's who's who
They'll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

Friday, November 2, 2007

Go to Hell

Sorry. I haven't written in a while so I thought some attitude might do you some good.

What the hell is the matter with the Yankees? Did they really let Torre go to sign Girardi? When will they learn that turning over the team EVERY year doesn't work? They have no pitching; they have no chemistry; and now they have the equivalent of an unproven manager. I can't wait to watch them fail.

Football Saturday of last week blew. I knew that the game against MSU was being overlooked and that Anthony Dixon was a monster, but I had no idea we would lose...badly. Couple of thoughts: 1) why did we run the ball and throw some many swing/screen passes to our FIFTH string running back? THROW THE BALL!!! 2) why do we, without fail, run to get as close as we can to punts that have been kicked to us? Do we realize that touching them would cause a live ball situation? We had six turnovers; should have had eight. Instead of fire or poison, we should yell "SEC supremacy," we're surely not going to touch that.

What was with the UGA celebration? At first, I thought it was cool. The more I considered it, though, I realized how pissed I would be if someone did that to us. The really bad thing is that type of behavior (especially against Florida) usually results in a brawl. I don't know how that was avoided.

Sean Glennon wears a GT jersey and lights up the Jackets; that only proves that he will do everything in his power to throw to the players in the opposite jerseys. He literally threw like 25 picks last night.