Sunday, May 31, 2009

I can't believe you still read this

I really just changed this because I am sick of reading the same stupid ass-kissing of Manny I wrote. And, guess what? Fuck him! I finally stand up for that douche, and he's a big fat cheater. And, yes, UL fans, I'll beat you to is Jarmon.

I hate to say it, but he knew what he was doing. I think he is awesome and a great thespian and an even nicer guy, but I don't buy his story. I'm sorry. He knew what he was taking, and if he is so intelligent, then the 'I didn't understand what was in it' argument is bunk.

What pisses me off is that this NEVER happens. When was the last time you heard of a college football player being suspended for an illegal substance? I guess the bigger programs mask it better, and let's be honest, Micah Johnson is on some shit too, but he doesn't get checked. Bottom line: it was bad luck. The early line on the Cats-Cards game just moved to UK -27.

Also, Lebron is a bitch, and it has to pain the NBA faithful that their 'golden boy' is such a no-class dickface.

Also, also...and I know few of you care, but Calvin Borel is the new Pat Day at Churchill, and it pisses me off. The program could say that his horse is 15-1 and has little shot, but the tote board will tell you he's 2-1, and you don't want to bet him, but you almost feel obligated, and then his horse doesn't do shit. The next race you say, "No way I'm fallin' for that again", and he draws off and wins by ten. Great guy, great jockey, but he's fuckin' up the odds.

Also, also, also...John Calipari has done nothing wrong. I would appreciate D Rose coming out and making some sort of statement but that will never happen. Know why? Because the NBA is a sewer full of low-lifes.

Also, Also, also, also...guess who I haven't heard from in a while? Dave Stewart. Guess who else? It seems odd that Pitino hasn't weighed in on the Calipari situation seeing as how he loves to meddle in our business when we suck at basketball. But seeing how he is in the middle of a lawsuit, I guess laying low would be a better tack to take. He is losing recruits by the day, and he hasn't even named a new assistant yet. This humble blogger says all signs point to him getting the fuck out.

Finally, the kid gloves Pitino received from the local media make me sick. I get it. Everything that has to do with Rick is speculation. Fine. But to then fill the newspaper and airwaves with all this bullshit about Calipari is a double-standard. Calipari's name was nowhere in the NCAA report, so anything said about him is also 'speculation.' Also, if you want to go another route, does anyone remember the last seedy situation involving a local sports hero? How about Chuck Hayes and the crazy MILF bitch? That was speculation, but you better bet your ass we knew about the brownies he fed her and the crazy milkshake and all this shit that happened at Wildcat Lodge...oh, what's that? That was all speculation? She was just a nutso skank? Hmmm. The hypocrisy is sickening.