Sunday, May 23, 2010

Next Up, Slots at Churchill!!

Mavis got a response. And, surprisingly, it was well-written and bereft of any egregious grammatical mistakes. And, more surprisingly, it seems like the guy CARES!


I am sorry that your game was cancelled on Thursday; let me assure you that every effort is made to play these softball games. Decisions have to be made much sooner than one hour prior to a game because of people driving from Lagrange, Fort Knox, Shepherdsville, etc.. I apologize for the way past administration has handled softball rainouts, in September our athletics division was restructured and new people are now running the office. The new administration does not like to see games called due to inclement weather, it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure these games are played whenever possible. The problem in the past has been that athletics hasn’t had the ability to provide maintenance for the fields because of a lack of access to resources. The ball field maintenance divisions day ends at 3 30 and athletics doesn’t have access to tools or storage at the fields to be able to work on the fields ourselves in order to get them ready. Nobody was more disappointed than I when we couldn’t play yesterday, but without access to rakes, dirt, rollers, chalk, etc… we were not able to do anything to the field. You are correct, with a little care we could have easily played last night at Camp Taylor. However, I do disagree with you that the field was playable without care. The field was not in playable condition with out getting raked and having some dirt work done. Stones were exposed because the field was dragged and prepped earlier in the day and then the rain packed the dirt down and stones stayed on top of the surface.

It is ironic that you emailed us today because yesterday I had a conversation with my boss about getting some resources in place in order to salvage play any chance we could moving forward. I recognized this was a problem after yesterday and have taken the necessary steps to get protocol in place so we are maximizing the three hours of field recovery time between when our grounds department quits and the games start.

I am sorry you were disappointed in the way things were done in the past, but I can assure you moving forward we will do everything we can to get these games played on schedule. Just remember that it is never up to the league members when ball games should be cancelled. We will always have the final say in this matter. However, we do agree with some of the things you have said and we appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion/concerns. I can assure you every effort will be made to ensure you get the games you paid for.

Also, I heard your team sucks and you are the worst pitcher in the world.

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